House Renovation Guide

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The idea of house renovation, house painting, or re-painting is basically the same thing as home improvement, just in a different way. Home improvement basically involves projects that upgrade the house interiors, exterior, or any other improvements on the house. House painting, re-painting or renovations may include repainting the entire house or just parts of it such as the kitchen and bathroom. Some people who are into house renovation may even change the whole layout and decor of the house.

Before starting with any house renovation project it is important for homeowners to contact the local council and planning office for a Building Regulations Application (BRA). This is needed for a number of reasons including to make sure that the changes that will be made to the house do not contravene the building regulations and to make sure that everything which has been done meets all applicable standards. A typical BRA contains details such as a brief description of the proposed work, information on why the alterations are being carried out, the materials to be used, and the steps homeowners will have to take to apply for planning permission.

When it comes to house renovation, homeowners should also take a keen interest in choosing the right materials and tools to use for the project. In order to prevent damp problems from developing, it is important for homeowners to avoid using anything that would make the house is damp, such as timber floors or walls that have been treated with water resistant paint. Home renovation projects which involve the use of water-based paints or solutions are more prone to developing damp problems than those that do not use such products. There are a number of ways to prevent damp problems on surfaces such as concrete walls and timber floors, such as installing non-porous engineered wall surface or a layer of insulation between the surface and the underlying concrete or timber floor.