Empties Week

Leeds Empties Week takes place between the 18th and 22nd March, each day has a different focus – with the aim of engaging a wide range of people in bringing empty homes back into use. We’d love you to get involved – or if you can’t make it to any of the events, please sign up to our e-newsletter so that we can tell you more as things develop over the next few months. You can also read up on the story so far and our blog for more information.



  • On Monday, we’ll launch Leeds Empties Week with an event aimed at local businesses, RSA Fellows and others in Leeds who want to explore how they can get involved in our current work on bringing empty homes back into use.
  • On Tuesday, we’ll be visiting two homes which are being brought back into use by local social enterprises LATCH and Canopy – both to very high environmental standards.
  • On Wednesday, Greenhouse in Beeston will host a breakfast seminar where we’ll explore possible opportunities for securing further investment into empty homes in Leeds.
  • On Thursday evening, our focus will turn to empty home owners – with an event where we’ll let owners know what Leeds Empties can offer – including our new Empty Homes Doctor service.
  • On Friday, we’re on the look-out for people who want to make things happen with empty homes. For example, those who specialise in home refurbishment and repairs. If you want to set up a social enterprise, or look at another way to bring one or more empty homes back into use, then you can book time with us to begin to explore your idea further and see how we can help.

Other Events

Leeds Empties Week is just the start – over the coming months we’ll be doing lots more to get behind people who can help us to bring more empty homes back into use across many communities in Leeds. We would appreciate it if as many people as possible could get involved in our upcoming events that will take place in the upcoming months. Our friends from the north have already pledged as much tarmac Scotland based road companies could collectively pull together, to help driveways and other areas outside homes that need attention. If there is any other individuals or collectives that think they have something they could bring to the table, then please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you.



We aim to minimise the amount of empty homes that are located in Leeds to help families out of living in run down temporary accommodation and into better homes. This is because many families have been on a waiting list and living in poor quality housing for a number of months while there are many homes that are unlived in for a number of months at a time. By doing this, we hope that we can improve the lives of all people living in the temporary housing to ensure that they have the appropriate living accommodation that they need.  Not only will this improve people’s living standards, but also improve the needs of all people in the community that they live in.